Special Projects

Often we have clients wanting something special and unique. 

These often “one off” builds are not mainstream and the owner wants to  transform their idea into a complete performance package few have ever seen.

Our special projects division is where this happens. These projects usually take more time that a typical “bolt on” build due to the complex nature of the builds.

Special builds are only managed on site at our Sarasota Florida location.

We are always looking for that next project so feel free to contact us with your dream build.


Under Construction:  Superlight SLC.  This special build will feature a Lamborghini Gallardo drivetrain and a Twin Turbo V10. 



850 WHP Ultima GTR with custom built Heffner Twin Turbo System and Ford GT Engine. 


twin-turbo-ultima-gtr-7   heffner-ultima-gtr_1   heffner-ultima-gtr_5-1050x700   heffner-ultima-gtr_4



Cobra with one of a kind hand made Heffner twin turbo system.  heffner-twin-turbo-cobra3 heffner-twin-turbo-cobra           heffner-twin-turbo-cobra4


Ferrari 458 with Heffner twin turbo system.  820 Engine HPEPL13

ferrari-458-twin-turbo-bw          EPL3bws


1300 HP Lamborghini with one of a kind Heffner twin turbo system.  Murci1

Murci2e          Murci6

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