Heffner Elite



Heffner Elite is about extreme performance.
A select number of our clients have partnered with Heffner Performance to build a platform to carry out one function;  to continually dominate.

Elite builds are only available through our Sarasota Florida location.

Follow the owners and Heffner Performance on our Facebook page for race results throughout the year.

Future racing events and race results can also be found here


Built for OB Prestige Auto, 2 new Huracans with upgraded DCT transmissions will undergo continual modification to manage HP Numbers north of 2000 whp. The car will be competing in 1/2 mile events. Bolt on Twin Turbo systems for the Huracan is also now available.



We are very pleased to present another 1/2 mile racer for OB Prestige Auto. This Lamborghini is now currently competing/winning in the RWD class. In it’s first time out in April 2015; it won its class with a 197 mph run. The car is currently running times around 208 MPH and getting faster each time out. 

Look for updates on race results as the information becomes available. 



 This Lamborghini Superleggera built for OB Prestige Auto is currently racing/winning at various 1/2 mile events throughout North America on a regular basis.

This build produces well north of 2000 WHP and has run 230 MPH in the 1/2 mile.  



2014 Multi Event Winning  2000+ WHP, 232+ MPH 1/2 Mile Racing Lamborghini STS.


The Worlds First 8 Second 1/4 Mile Lamborghini. Street legal and comfortable enough to drive daily. 


graysuperg8 graysuperg81 graysuperg812 graysuperg813graysuperg815graysuperg816

2,200+ WHP 266+ MPH One Mile Racing Ford GT




Street Legal 7 Second 1/4 Mile Twin Turbo Viper GTS





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